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Kaz waglands Dog walking and petcare - All petcare taken care of with dog walking, home visits or boarding. Also looking after puppies and kittens as a daycare services while your away from home.
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Ellie the pup

Today I went to see a puppy of 8 weeks that I will now be looking after from Monday twice a day for let outs and play time, i'm so looking forward to seeing and looking after sure we will become really good friends!
While I was there someone near by wants me to look after their dog who's a lab called Red she was a very sweet lab and very gentle. Once Ellie has had all her jabs i'm sure Red and Ellie will have lots of fun on our walks.

Sunny Days

Well the nice weather has come at last and what fun all the dogs have running round in the sunshine.
Its so nice they can run round without getting all wet and muddy but then some still wait for their rub down...they love the fuss.
Lets hope this sunshine stays its lovely having my walks with the dogs.


Poor Lexi who I walk has had an accident and been bitten by another dog and now has stitches! I couldn't walk her for two days but took her out today and she was just fine and loved being walked on her own.
Just hope she gets well soon and it hasn't put her off playing with other dogs because of this...

6 Beautiful Pups

Lexi had 6 puppies and all are very healthy and growing stronger everyday.
Lexi is making a great first time mum and looking after her family really well, they are gaining lots of weight each day and she is a very proud mummy.

Pups are coming!

Well the day has come for the pups to arrive. This is Lexi first litter so we are very excited but little scared at first till the first pup arrives!
Think Lexi will make a lovely mum and have some really beautiful pups!

Mum- to- be Lexi

Well here we are on count down for the pups to arrive, lexi is due any time now and she is so big she can hardly walk now.
She is going to have such beautiful babies and i'm so excited and cant wait to meet them when I help deliver them with her.
Will keep everyone updated....


Had a beautiful Golden Retriever called Alfie to walk, he was so lovely a soppy big baby...a very handsome chap and well behaved so I hope it becomes a regular one would miss Alfie.

Busy Week....

Well half way and its been a busy one ..I have had my regular dogs plus new ones and its all good. Love having them all and seeing them having fun and now the weather seems nicer its so much better too.
I have also been helping a lady with her three dogs this week as she has had an operation and is unable to walk them all, this is why I love doing what I do its so rewarding!

Oscar and Milly

Well ive had a great week ..well apart from all this rain! Oscar and milly have been brilliant for their first time together out with me they are such good dogs.
Been a busy week but have loved walking all the dogs even with the wind and rain!

Lexi the Cavalier

My Sweet Little Cavalier Lexi is getting bigger by the day...she has three weeks left but not sure she will go that long!

I really cant wait for her pups to arrive i'm sure they are going to be beautiful just like their mum and dad and will be of great temperament too.

Van being signed

Very excited for tomorrow as my business logo is being signed on my van...I like what they have shown me so far on paper, i'm now waiting for it to be done. Think it means so much as the photo of the retriever is one I own and I made the the design myself so the sign means a lot to me!

New Van and sign

Thing are really good at the moment...doing my pet business I have always wanted to do and now a van with my company logo signed on to it.
Just want to thank everyone who supported me and backed me when I needed it most and thank you to all my customers without you all I wouldn't be happy and contented in doing what I love to do.


Oscar and Milly

What a lovely walk today with Oscar and milly first time and day and they were so good...a perfect pair.
Oscar enjoyed chasing his ball and was really worn out by the time we had finished our walk. Milly just had fun plodding a long and sometimes joining in with the ball.
What a lovely day today too feels like spring is in the air !!

Ollie and Milly

Two new comers to walk this weeks one Ollie and the other Milly two beautiful rescue dogs. Met them both and their owner and we all got along fine, love having new dogs and getting on so great.

Another wet day!!

Well when is this wet weather going to stop....dogs love it but i'm getting Took my Alfie today on three walks and hes now a tired little pup and also a wet muddy pup!
He loved playing with my dogs I walk and they also liked him!